Educational Videos for Physiotherapists: Ethical decision-making

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The Physiotherapy Council of NSW.


To produce four sets of videos that address particular types of ethical complaints made to the Council about Physiotherapists. The goal of these videos was to educate Physiotherapists about such ethical situations: demonstrating what the consequences may be whether they pick a “correct” or “incorrect” set of actions.


Physiotherapists practising in Australia.


We were presented with four ethical scenarios and the concept of “sliding doors”: in which the audience would be presented with a scenario and the consequences when they make a correct or incorrect decision. We collaborated closely with the Council: producing four sets of scripts that addressed each issue. We worked with a Learning Designer to ensure that each script was designed to educate the audience effectively. We organised all aspects of the two shoot days and worked closely with the actors: shooting a variety of angles so that the videos replicated the format of a dramatic television show.

The shoot involved our four-person crew: Director, Producer, DOP and Audio Recordist. We provided all the editing including the provision of captions and alternative exported videos that included audio descriptions.


The client was very happy with the final result, writing “Thank YOU for everything … You have been wonderful to work with.” The videos are available on the Council’s website.

Video: Scenario about the use of social media (set up)

Video: Scenario about the use of social media (incorrect decision)

Video: Scenario about the use of social media (correct decision)