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Harness the Power of Video to Spread Your Knowledge Further

Book online training with us: we teach you how to present with confidence and conviction and produce better quality video content and digital media. We also teach you about digital marketing and how to use video as an effective mass communication tool. With our training you will gain the skills and confidence you need to share your knowledge wider and drive greater impact. 

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What You Will Learn

Digital media – especially video – plays a major part in our daily lives. 

Every day we consume news and updates through video, and we regularly communicate ideas and information through virtual conferences and virtual meetings. These videos are viewed live during a virtual presentation, or are recorded and watched in the future by wider audiences. 

By working with us you will: 

  1. Understand the power of video for sharing your knowledge more widely,
  2. Learn how to produce better quality videos yourself,
  3. Improve your public speaking and digital presentation skills, and
  4. Understand how to translate complex ideas into content that is both digestible and engaging for your target audience.

Your confidence as a presenter will grow, and you will have the skills to produce digital content that successfully breaks down your knowledge into engaging information that is readily understood by your target audience.

These new skills will help you leverage the power of video to drive greater impact.

Follow this link to book a one-on-one training session or group workshop. All training is conducted on Zoom and our resources are shared easily online.  

We train camera and digital presentation skills to thought leaders: helping you present to the camera with confidence and clarity, we teach practical skills to help you shoot and edit better quality video content using your own devices, and we teach you how to write video scripts that have impact. All of this education will help you produce higher quality videos that are designed to have impact.

Share Your Knowledge With More People

When you work with us we take the time to understand your field, and we help you carefully break down complex information into content that will be more readily understood and consumed by a wider audience. We do this by combining the art of filmmaking, the language of story and the science of communication. 

Appearing on camera can be daunting, but with the right advice and support you can appear confident and professional.

Training Options

1. Improve Your Presentation Skills: On and Off Camera

Do you want to appear more professional when you’re next presenting on camera: whether it’s on Zoom or during a live tv spot or virtual conference?

With some helpful guidance you can appear confident and professional the next time you’re on camera. Photo by Christina on Unsplash

To help you present at a professional level, we spend one hour with you to provide guidance and support to help you present to camera professionally. The workshop covers tips on lighting, sound and eyeline so that you look confident and appear professional when you’re next on camera. 

The investment is $79 +GST per person for a place in the group workshop, or $149 +GST per person for a tailored one-on-one booking. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a Zoom meeting invitation. Book here.

2. Shoot Better Video

Do you want to learn how to shoot better videos using your own devices?

We can teach you how to shoot better video using your devices, and avoid making common mistakes. Photo by felipe pelaquim on Unsplash

In this training we share practical tips to help you shoot better video footage. We teach you how to set up your camera and background, we explain how to shoot footage that will create impact in your videos, and we teach you the pitfalls to avoid when you are shooting.

Places are limited so that our instructor can field questions and assist each participant on their learning journey.

The investment is $79 +GST per person for the group training, or $149 +GST for a tailored one-on-one booking. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a Zoom meeting invitation. Book here.

3. Write Video Scripts For Impact

Do you want to create videos that have impact?

With the right support, you will have the knowledge and skills to write scripts for your videos so that they have impact. Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

The secret to a good video is a good script. We teach you the fundamentals of writing a video script for impact. We explain how to tailor your writing so that it meets the needs of your target audience, and we provide you with templates that will help you write an impactful script, faster.

This session will help improve your writing for your audience: not only for video content but for other media including blogs and social media posts.

The investment is $79 +GST per person for the group training, or $149 +GST for a tailored one-on-one booking. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a Zoom meeting invitation. Book here.

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For years we have worked with experts in their fields: producing engaging  animation and video content that translates knowledge into digestible visual content that delivers impact. The training we provide reflects our years of work in this area. 

Testimonials from our previous clients are available here. We love working with our clients and would love to work with you, too!

If you have questions, book in a free 15-minute call. We also offered customised quotes – simply contact us for more information.  

“The entirety of the educational approach – including the initial email with resources for the development of a script and shot set-up, the one-on-one sessions with the incredibly knowledgeable, and friendly Daisy (via Zoom), email follow-up complete with feedback on initial video attempts, links to AV products and recorded ‘insider’ workshops – was so thorough, engaging and inspiring. I now have fundamental skills to confidently showcase my research on social media.”

– Dr Rachel Walker, Griffith University, School of Nursing and Midwifery