Inclusive Research Practices: Explainer Animation


Research for Development Impact Network: A collaboration between the Australian Council for International Development and Australian universities.


To produce an explainer animation on disability inclusion that would promote the practical guide, “Making Research Inclusive of People with Disabilities” and encourage its use as part of the research cycle.


Researchers, practitioners and policymakers involved in the research cycle.


We collaborated with the client to produce a script and storyboard that would meet the needs of the brief as well as their budget and timeframe. We developed the script and storyboard so that they covered the key points in the Guide and contained a strong call to action. We produced a professional voice over, while the client provided high quality vector assets for the animation. We then animated those assets in line with the voiceover track and storyboard, and then added music, logos and titles that fit with the client’s branding.


The animation was delivered on time and on budget to coincide with the release of the Guide. The video and guide are available on the RDI Network website.