What is the medical community’s responsibility when it comes to producing content?

Does the medical community have a responsibility to produce content that is not only accurate, but educational?

People are increasingly searching for video content online regarding their own suspected or confirmed health conditions, and unfortunately a lot of that content comes from organisations or persons that have no affiliation with a professional society.

A study was conducted where 10 blinded reviewers scored 300 videos that came up as results in YouTube for the search term “seasonal influenza.” Less than half were from a professional society, and of those from a professional society, those “videos still did not meet criteria as far as educating patients thoroughly, even though they contained accurate information.”

The researchers believe that this research “reiterates the need for higher quality education videos on seasonal influenza [and other conditions] by the medical community” especially given that more and more patients are searching online for health information.

The research findings highlight the need to design health-related video content that is both accurate AND effective in terms of educating patients.

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