Documentary, Promotional


The Sydney School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney.


To produce four videos exploring the journey of four indigenous students enrolled in Veterinary Science courses at the University of Sydney. The goal being to inspire potential future students to enrol into Vet Science at the University, and to raise awareness of the various pathways of entry available to them.


High school students aspiring to study Veterinary Science.


We scripted questions that would elicit emotionally-engaging responses from each student. We booked each of them into a studio where we filmed them answering these questions in an interview style. We then shot b-roll footage of each student at the University and incorporated that into the final edit so that aspiring students could get a visual idea of what studying at the university may look like for them. We also utilised emotionally-engaging music, and ensured that each video ends on a positive, inspiring note.


The videos were received very well by the staff and the Dean, and were described as “superb”. They have since been published on the University’s website as a way to attract potential future students to the university.