Author: Daisy De Windt


What is the medical community’s responsibility when it comes to producing content?

Does the medical community have a responsibility to produce content that is not only accurate, but educational? People are increasingly searching for video content online regarding their own suspected or confirmed health conditions, and unfortunately a lot of that content comes from organisations or persons that have no affiliation with a professional society. A study

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Video Cures What Ails You: How Video-Based Health Communication Interventions Inspire Healthy Behaviour

ABSTRACT A review from the Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis concluded that, in today’s multimedia culture, “the use of video technology” is a “vital component” for disseminating health communication interventions. And, “in fact, some users may find the lack of video…aversive.” DISSEMINATING HEALTH COMMUNICATION INTERVENTIONS As the World Health Organization reports, “health communication is seen to have relevance for virtually every aspect of

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Re-Launching Our Website: A case study in value

Have you ever experienced buying something on sale because it was cheap, but later realised that you would have been better off spending a little more to get exactly what you needed? It’s a strange situation. You feel like you’ve “bagged a bargain”, but looking back on the situation, the fact is that you didn’t

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